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Yokozuna’s Historic 280 Day WWF Title Reign

Yokozuna was a great wrestling attraction.  He was an extremely large wrestler, but was able to move pretty well.  Yokozuna joined the WWF in late 1992 and immediately received a big push to super stardom.  Yokozuna was paired up with Mr Fuji and was known for his devastating finishing move – Banzai Drop – which he would normally give to his opponents multiple times.  He was not a fan favorite, but at the same time he wasn’t booed like a bad guy; it was more like a silent fear. …continue reading about Yokozuna’s Historic 280 Day WWF Title Reign

Bret Hart – Royal Rumble 1994

The 1994 Royal Rumble ranks very high on my list of rumble favorites.  The finish of the main event as a 12 year old kid was epic.  I remember going to school the next day and talking about it all day.  Some friends were claiming Lex’s feet touched first, while others were petitioning that Bret’s feet touched first.  As a Bret Hart fan, I was just happy that he was a co-winner especially considering that it looked like Bret wasn’t even going to be able to compete in the Royal Rumble match. …continue reading about Bret Hart – Royal Rumble 1994

The Lex Express or should I say the Lex Milk Run

Leading into the summer of 1993, the WWF was looking for a new leader.  Hulk Hogan had just retired/parted ways with the WWF.  Somebody thought it would be a good idea to take Lex Luger with his blond hair and big muscles and turn him into the next Hulk Hogan.

The only problem was, Lex is no Hulk Hogan.  For me personally, Lex was still “The Narcissist”.  He had only made his wrestling debut that spring at Wrestlemania IX.  The baby face turn just never worked for me.  He was not ready to win the WWF Title.

…continue reading about The Lex Express or should I say the Lex Milk Run

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