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Well You Know Something Brother

This phrase (and many others that include the word brother) are synonymous with my childhood.  When I first started watching wrestling (around the time I was 5 or 6), I didn’t notice how in every Hulk Hogan interview he would say “brother” … a lot.

As I got older (8), I started to notice it more and more.  Luckily, Hulk Hogan interviews were so captivating and I didn’t know what drinking games were at the time!

I distinctly remember the interview Hulk gave “moments” before facing Macho Man at Wrestlemania V to end their feud.  Count how many times he says brother.  If it’s not too early in the day, take a shot every time, but be forewarned, you’ll need a lot of shots.

How many shots did you take?  I counted 11.  11 times he said brother in a 3:32 second clip.  That means Hogan said brother, on average, every 19 seconds!

Did you ever notice how Hulk doesn’t blink during his interviews?  He’s wide eyed the whole time.  I bet he blinks less times in the interview than he says the word brother.

As a kid I loved Hulk’s interviews because he was so engaging.  Looking back on them now, knowing a little bit about wrestlers trying to “sell” the match.  Hogan was the master of this.  He could make you believe that a mid-carder (not Savage, more like Earthquake) was going to give him the toughest fight of his life.

While I was searching Youtube for this video.  I stumbled across a more recent interview with Hogan.  He does a small Q&A and someone actually asked him why he calls everyone brother.  His answer was simple, he can remember faces, but not names, so he just calls everyone brother.  Works for me.

One final thing…Whatcha gonna do brother when these 24 inch pythons run wild on you?

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