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King Kong Bundy Bites Hulk Hogan’s Head Off (Literally)

Let’s set the stage for this iconic heel interview that the enormous King Kong Bundy gave just weeks before Wrestlemania II.  With Wrestlemania being such a huge success, it was almost time for Wrestlemania II.  In the main event it was the unstoppable King Kong Bundy against the WWF Champion, Hulk Hogan.

This feud first started in late 1985 where on an episode of Tuesday Night Titans Big John Studd who had been teaming with King Kong Buddy challenged Hulk Hogan to a tag team match in which Hulk could pick any partner he wanted.  Hulk picked the obvious choice, Andre the Giant who had been feuding with Big John Studd since before the first Wrestlemania.

So on the November 2nd, 1985 edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event, Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant teamed up to face Big John Studd and King Kong Buddy.  This was the first ever televised match of Hulk Hogan and King Kong Bundy in the ring together.

Hulk and Andre won the match via disqualification when Studd and Bundy refused to stop their double team on Andre while he was tied up in the ropes.  The full edition of that nights Saturday Night’s Main Event can be seen below.  The Hogan and Bundy match starts around the 22 minute mark.


As 1986 began and Wrestlemania II was drawing ever closer, King Kong Bundy would cement his position in the main event by viscously attacking Hulk Hogan after his match with Don Muraco on the March 1st, 1986 edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event.  After Hulk Hogan won the match by disqualification, King Kong Bundy came to the ring and absolutely squashed the champion.  King Kong Bundy gave Hogan 3 giant avalanches in the corner accompanied by two giant splashes.  Hogan had to be taken to a local hospital where he would receive medical attention for the damage done on his ribs.

With the scene set for Wrestlemania II, a few weeks prior to the event on the March 22nd edition of Jesse Ventura’s “The Body Shop”, King Kong Bundy gave this awesome interview where he bites the head off a Hulk Hogan action figure:

I love how Bundy had taped the ribs of the Hulk Hogan action figure to rip it off during the interview, demonstrating what he would do to the real Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania II.  If you weren’t already scared of King Kong Bundy before the interview, you sure were after the interview!

On April 7th, 1986 at Wrestlemania II, Hogan – bruised ribs and all – was able to survive a ferocious steel cage beating from King Kong Bundy to retain his WWF Championship.  As Bundy predicted in his interview, he would remove the bandages, exposing Hulk’s already injured ribs.  As the match reach its climax, Bundy hit a devastating avalanche on Hogan’s already injured, now exposed, ribs.  It looked certain that we were going to see a new champion; however, Hogan was able to “Hulk up” in time to prevent Bundy from exiting the cage.  Moments later Hogan slammed Bundy before hitting his famous leg drop.  This allowed him time to climb over the cage, securing his victory.

When I was a kid, I had a King Kong Bundy action figure and the same Hulk Hogan action figure that he bit the head off of.  I was always a big fan of Bundy as he was such a monster of man and looked so intimidating with his completely bald head and his huge frame with no neck!