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King Kong Bundy Bites Hulk Hogan’s Head Off (Literally)

Let’s set the stage for this iconic heel interview that the enormous King Kong Bundy gave just weeks before Wrestlemania II.  With Wrestlemania being such a huge success, it was almost time for Wrestlemania II.  In the main event it was the unstoppable King Kong Bundy against the WWF Champion, Hulk Hogan. …continue reading about King Kong Bundy Bites Hulk Hogan’s Head Off (Literally)

My Wrestlemania Collection

Unfortunately the picture of the Wrestlemania collection above is not mine.  The Wrestlemania VHS collection came out sometime in the mid to late 90s.  At the time I was a teenager with barely any money.  I could not afford to buy the complete collection at once.  It was somewhere in the $200 range for all 13 tapes.  Even today I would have to budget specifically to be able to buy something that nice.

…continue reading about My Wrestlemania Collection

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